B1 Campus in Brentwood, CA

The good news continues arriving at B1 Soccer Academy. We have just confirmed that during the week of 8th-12th October we will be doing a B1 campus in Brentwood, CA.

We are talking about our first Professional Campus that will take place in this city, situated in the county of Contra Costa in the state of California in charge of B1 Soccer Academy hosted by Impact SC.

Our General Manager and Head Coach, Didac “Didi” Rodriguez will be in charge of directing this B1 Soccer Academy experience in the United States, together with Jesús Gomez, Cecy Martínez and the staff of Impact SC.

The campus will take place from 10/8 to 10/12 with 3 training sessions per group and it is open to all local players that wish to enjoy a unique experience with a coach of the highest level in the Sunset Sports Complex, 655 Sunset Rd, Brentwood, California.

Do you want to know the times?

  • Boys 2011-2008: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-10:00
  • Girls 2011-2008: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 10:15-11:45
  • Boys 2007-2005: Monday/Tuesday 12:30-2:00 Wednesday 8:30-10:00
  • Girls 2007-2005: Monday/Tuesday 2:15-3:45 Wed 10:15-11:45
  • Boys 2004-2002/2000: Wednesday/Thursday 12:30-2:00 Friday 8:30-10:00
  • Girls 2004-2002/2000: Wednesday/Thursday 2:15-3:45 Friday 10:15-11:45

It is not the first time that some of the players of Impact SC can enjoy the B1 Soccer Academy training, last March a small select group already had the opportunity to meet close up with Didi Rodriguez in  Barcelona, Spain. An experience full of soccer of the maximum level.

Unique soccer experiences

At B1 we specialize in creating unique customizable experiences for groups, teams, and players. Will you like to see how these young players enjoy these morning and afternoon training? Or do you prefer to discover what activities will be performed in Barcelona with B1?

In spite that there is a little less than a month, the places are limited and we invite you to sign up your sons and daughters to live their first sports experience hand in hand with B1 Soccer Academy.

We wish to see you all in Brentwood next month October 8th, we are waiting for you!