A second year with B1

It is with great pleasure that we announce that several players returned to the B1 Soccer Academy to start off a second year with us. We like to see how players enjoy our programs and rely on us for their training.

We are really excited to see that players are satisfied with our Academy and are willing to come back and work hard with us.

Only with effort, dedication, and a good methodology, our B1 Players keep building their own future.

Edgar Garcia, our passionate and technically gifted player has decided to come back to our academy after a successful first year. One of the reasons why he comes back is that he felt an improvement in his game.  

He is really happy to be part of this academy for another year and couldn’t wish to be somewhere else! We have been able to catch him during training to have some more insights on his standpoint about the B1 Soccer Academy.

We have a couple more coming back!

You surely remember about our hard-working and dynamic winger from the USA, Justan Dunstan. His adaptation to the Academy was phenomenal and we have seen great progress in him only in one year.

“We believe he enjoyed his time a lot with B1 and that is a reason why he decided to come back!”

We also have our Belgian player coming from Brussels who gives us the pleasure to renew with B1. The fighting spirit and strength are two aptitudes we admired in him.

Like his fellow teammates, Leo Itsitsar has been enjoying the Academy and has the desire to keep training with us!

At last, we have our creative and technically gifted midfielder coming from Cincinnati, Jason Cao, who will also be coming back to the B1 training sessions and residence.

During his first months at B1, he was sure that this academy would help him move forward with his football career. Well here we are now one year later and he decided to renew with us!

We are looking forward to seeing our players improve even more!