New intern in B1 MKT team, Luke Wingreen

For B1 Soccer Academy it is a privilege to announce that our staff continues growing after the two previous additions to the MKT B1 team. Today it is the turn of Luke Wingreen, a 19-year-old American, who decided to do the GAP Year with us. He is going to be part of the MKT & COM Department of B1.

This is no ordinary GAP Year. In this case, Luke is going to provide us with his knowledge of how soccer is organized and lived in the United States, as he has lived it from the inside for years. Since we at B1 Soccer Academy recently took ownership of a soccer club in Fort Myers, Florida, Luke is going to make us even better at providing an even more complete service.

It is worth noting how much he is helping us with transcribing documents, publications, and texts for social media and the web. In addition to his position in the Marketing Department, Luke is training with B1 players and coaches, so he is learning our professional methodology and growing as a player while perfecting his Spanish.

We like that all the people who are part of the B1 team, can enjoy and learn in each of the sections in order to have a more global vision of all the activity that we do in our academy in Barcelona. Acquiring various knowledge and being able to work on different elements at the same time.

Luke Wingreen tells us why he chose B1:

“I chose B1 because I really liked the idea of the academy. B1 lets players of all ages and skill levels play for them, and helps find club teams for these players that would be a good fit. Additionally, I love to play soccer, and the option to train with the team was too good to pass up. Finally, I have done internships for academy teams in the past where I felt that I was not of much use, however, I knew I could be of use at B1 and that’s what “made it the best possible option. I would definitely say that I made the right choice.“

After arriving at B1, Luke points out the warmth of his welcome:

“When I joined B1, I immediately felt welcomed as part of the team. Here at B1, we are a tight-knit group with only a few full-time workers and some interns, so it is easy to talk with and get to know everyone. One of my favorite parts of working for B1 is how friendly everyone is and that we all get along while still getting work done.”

We are very excited about this new addition. We will keep you informed of everything that is happening in B1 Soccer Academy, thank you for your attention!