Welcome to B1, Marcos!

B1 Soccer Academy is thrilled to announce its newest addition. A player we all know, coming back for a B1 Stages, we introduce you to Marcos Gandara from San Francisco.

The versatile wide player can play on either side of the flank, and is equally comfortable as a full-back and as a winger.

We met Marcos Gandara more than two years ago in the first B1 experience with his team, Impact Soccer.

Last year Marcos was also part of the U16 team that participated in the MIC2019 tournament, having a lot of prominence in the tournament and being one of the key players in the team.

This year he is back for the new edition of the tournament which will take place in April 2020, and he is doing it in our 2 month B1 Stages program to prepare and be 100% ready for the tournament.

Get to know Marcos:

  • Nationality: Mexican/American
  • Position: Left Back/Right Back
  • Favorite player: Neymar
  • Aspirations for the season: Improve decision-making 

Player with character

Marcos has a true passion for football and joins the B1 Family to work with the very best coaches and live in an environment that provides him all the tools to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Our new recruit had this to say upon arriving at B1:

“I joined B1 because I wanted to practice with very knowledgeable coaches and B1 has the best in Barcelona. My past experiences in football were really good, I had the experience to play at MIC 2019 with B1 and it gave me a really good experience discovering how football is played in Spain. If I were to describe myself I would say I am a skillful player.”

Marcos is a player with a lot of character and personality, as well as having very clear ideas.

I believe my skill moves are my strongest attribute at the moment, and I think I can bring a lot to the B1 team with the way I play. I also support Barcelona and Manchester City. They have a very unique style of play, they are examples for me and I think B1 works very similarly.

Marcos has adapted very quickly to this new, incredibly diverse environment thanks to the binding glue between us that is our passion for football.

We are very happy to have you, improvement and hard work await us!