Kazakh players enjoy Barcelona’s scenery

As mentioned in our last post, the young talents from Real Sports FC came all the way from Kazakhstan to experience the B1 lifestyle for a week in Barcelona city. It was overall an amazing experience both for them and also for us!

Not only they have been able to train every day together with the B1 Coaches but they also had the chance to visit Barcelona and compete against a selection of top players.

The Real Sports FC competes against Barcelona team

Indeed, after participating in B1’s intensive training sessions, the Kazakh players had the opportunity to challenge themselves against a local team from Barcelona. Training sessions during the week were used to test their technical and tactical skills against local teams before facing them in a friendly match.

Of course, the level of the opposing team was very high but this was exactly what the visitors were looking for. They wanted to compete against a rival that would give them a lot of work and represent the Spanish level.

Moreover, the match was intense and many occasions were created from both sides of the field. The B1 Coaches took this opportunity to evaluate and analyze each and every player on the technical and tactical aspects of their game. A certain amount of feedback was given to every player in order for them to be aware of improvements they could make.

Overall, the players were more than satisfied with their training and were really excited about the game. The B1 Coaches really enjoyed working with the Kazakhs as they were really serious and hard-working. During the game, different tactical strategies were used and some players even discovered that they had qualities they never knew they had.

Amazing tour of the FC Barcelona facilities for the weekend activities!

Indeed, after the long week of intense training, B1 and all the visitors went to the facilities of FC Barcelona to see the young talented players at their games.

They had the chance to see the FCB Infantil and Cadete categories which are more or less the age of the Kazakh players. It was a very interesting learning experience for them and definitely an opportunity of a lifetime for the Barcelona fans that were amongst the visiting players.

Furthermore, it was time to wrap up the whole week and have a last talk with everyone. All that happened during the week as discussed, the coaches were also able to get some feedback from everyone, and we were happy to hear that the whole experience was even better than they expected!

We thank everyone that was involved in this amazing week, and we appreciate the trust that was given to us. We are more than excited to prepare and implement new team projects like this year!