Looking for the classification in the MIC

A very exciting first day, the adaptation to the competition and with a good result. What else could we ask for! To begin the second day of MIC 2018 winning.

Thursday started the same way as Wednesday, at 9 am the Colombian team Sócrates Valencia CF was waiting for us at the Campo Municipal de Caldes de Malavella. Curiously the team from Pereira travelled with us on the same bus. On our way to the sports facilities, but the good vibes were in the air.

We jumped onto the field with illusion, but a little more intimidated with the rival team, they looked very strong physically. They also had won their last game 2-0 against TNGS.

During the first minutes of the game, we corroborated their physical superiority and condition of the players of the Sócrates Valencia CF but the team of B1 Soccer Academy knew to be well placed and generated some danger occasions for the Colombian goalie. Occasions of danger in both areas, with one or another bad decision.

And precisely then, an imprecision made us finish the first half with a goal against in the minute 24. After trying to get the ball playing from behind, the ball left short and after a forced exit from the goalie, Sergio Alfaro, the referee whistled penalty.

The second half started with a few changes, but all the players of B1 Soccer Academy came out to give it all and pour themselves on the field to try to even the score.

Some long faces, but with a lot of pride. Congratulations from the coaches and Colombian technical members: “You did a good game, with options for both teams. And at the end, the small details decanted the game in our favour. We congratulate you for a job well done and we wish you luck in the afternoon game” declared Mario Rodriguez, coach and the maximum authority of the Pereira team.

Two games, One victory and one loss. We had a third and last game. The decisive game against TNGS.

B1 team vs Sócrates Valencia CF MIC 2018



On our way to the hotel mixed feeling. Right in front of the bus music, dances from the players of the Sócrates Valencia CF. In the rear of the bus, less enthusiasm, but a lot of hopes placed on the game that we had left.

The legs were starting to feel tired and nothing better for this than to take advantage of the magnificent location in Lloret de Mar, just 2 minutes to the beach. Relaxing after the game and doses of seawater to refresh the legs and stretch a little. Afterwards, we had an hour on the bus and an important game.

Next stop: Bescanó. The longest distance for the time being. There waited us the Valencian Academy TNGS, team made of players from different countries and sports cultures.

The game started very hard fought and with an unexpected factor, the wind. A very defensive game on both sides, with lots of air balls and very little combination. But if something defines the B1 Soccer Academy, are the good intentions to play with the ball. The result of this reaction, Ángel Cocolina added his first goal to the game in the minute 21st.

The second half started the same way than the first, until the minute 30 when the Valencia team tied up the score. From this moment on, the team leader by Didi Rodriguez was clearly superior, having clear occasions, especially from the young Italian striker Marco Scarpelli.

Game over and tied to 1. Classification tied in points, goals and goal difference. Who will go to the next group phase as second and what team will be third? The factor to take into account for the tiebreaker was the age of the players. The youngest team will be the one that will go on as second in the group.



This means that we were out of the final phase by two unlikely coincidences because both teams have tied in points, the number of goals in favour and goal “average”, but they were younger only by a few days. Double deception, besides, because the team that awaited us in the quarterfinals was Athletic de Bilbao. But it could not be. Things that happen!

Now we had to psych up to play in the Consolation phase and try to go as far as possible. When we pass to this phase as one of the best-qualified thirds, we did not have to play the round of sixteen. Our rival in the 1/8 round should be the catalán team of AE Sant Gregory. Let’s go for them, tomorrow more a better!