MIC 2018 Final Consolation

An unforgettable Saturday for the boys of B1 Soccer Academy, with two victories that gave us the qualification to the final of the Consolation Cup of this tournament MIC 2018.

Quarterfinals with a comfortable result 2-0 with goals of Marco Scarpelli and Nacho. And somewhat tighter semifinals, with penalties, shoots included. Emotion till the last minute and a clear protagonist, the Tico Alfaro was able to stop all the shots from the maximum penalty.

B1 Soccer Academy was in the final! Sunday 1st of April at 11:15 am in the facilities annexes to the Estadi Municipal of Palamós and against the Ironi Modiin of Israel.

10:37 am:  Total silence in the dressing room, faces of concentration and a Technical speech of Didi Rodríguez before going out to warm up. Screams in the background and loud music, other finals were being played in the field where the B1 team would be playing other finals in the Estadio de Palamós.

Intense Warm up time and back to the dressing room to finish putting on the shirts and jump back onto the field. A shout of animation could not miss in the dressing room. Hands united in the center and all in unison: “1, 2, 3,…B1″.

The opposite team was already waiting on the field. The B1 boys placed themselves in their positions. Referee and sidelines were in their positions. Everything ready, and the initial whistle blew.

First moves by Marco and Ángel, but the Ironi Modiin had planted a line of six defenders to avoid receiving a goal. More and more opportunities for attack for B1 Soccer Academy, but the Israelian team it closed more and more and with more players. All the offensive from B1 was rejected. Then the halftime arrived with the scored tied 0-0.

The second half promised more of the same, but the Israelian team came out with 9 players in the defensive zone, a hitch and a forward up waiting for a chance. Small field. The team that scored the first goal would be the Champion.

Minute 2 of the second half, the only mistake of the game and goal of the Ironi Modiin. From that moment on, there was only one team with the ball on the field, and that team was B1 Soccer Academy.

Didi’s boys changed the defense of 2 trying to add all the players to the attack. Long balls, on the back, inside… but always finding the defensive legs of the rival team. Waste of time, locked game, and very little soccer. But this was their game, their way of assuring the score. And the final whistle arrived.

Long faces and shame for not having been able to win the final, and especially in the way it was lost. Not for lack of trying, not for push and not for lack of desire… In many instances, soccer is not fair. But FINALS are only lost if you play them.

We couldn’t win the MIC 2018 Consolation Cup final, but we are very proud of the B1 Soccer Academy Team and each of our players. Thank you very much for this amazing week!