Pucci, from MIC to La Vinotinto

Today we want to introduce Victoria Pucci, a player who has been part of the B1 family, who now has been called up for the Venezuela U20 national team.

There is no doubt this will be a huge professional leap for her.

Victoria, known by the team and coaches as Pucci, was the captain of the women’s team at MIC 2019 at B1 Soccer Academy. There, she showed that she is a fighter who never gives up.

The preparatory days for MIC2019 were incredible and we could see how Pucci led the group of girls made up of players from more than 7 countries. She had always words of encouragement for her teammates and she was a great leader. In addition to this, we had really fun moments with Pucci that we won’t forget.

New opportunities

From August 30th to September 13th the National team from Venezuela will prepare their players for the next Liga Sudamericana of Women’s Soccer. It is held every two years for South American players under the age of 20 and serves as a qualification tournament for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

At B1 Soccer Academy we are really proud of Pucci and her strong workability. She is an example to follow, that shows everyone that when you fight hard for your dreams, they finally become true.

We will closely follow the evolution of the competition and we wish the best luck for Pucci and La Vinotinto!