B1 found a win in their last friendly

We are back with another Friendly game at B1 Soccer Academy! After the last friendly against CF Santa Eulàlia that finished on a draw, our B1 boys were hungry for a win. This time, our B1 players were facing Albirex Niigata who agreed on playing a friendly game with us.

Last Thursday afternoon, our players were able to dispute their third friendly of season with our B1 squad:

Zac, Edgar, David, Guillem, Diego, Julian, Ashaam, Peter, Agustin, Omari, Mikiyas, Justan, Eyoel, Simone and Jason.

The B1 squad dominated the start of the game!

The match, since the starting whistle, has been characterized by intensity. At first, B1 was able to take soon the lead thanks to successful offensive pressure.

During the starting 15 minutes B1 was able to dominate the rivals completely, then Peter Perrot opened the score finding his way into the opposition’s area.

Then Omari Bain stroked twice in two minutes imposing his physical supremacy on the defenders. Not even one minute pass by that our number 10 Julián Coto scores the fourth goal.

Shocked by the strong start from B1, Albirex Niigata started to apply the same strategy, high pressuring our ball possession. The pressure was successful since it led to conceive two penalties in less than 10 minutes.

A moment later, the rivals scored from a corner kick with the help of wind and many players interfering with our keeper in the goal area.

A balanced second half

In the second half, there has been more equilibrium throughout the pitch, until Peter scored, again, a beauty from the limit of the area to increase the goal difference to two.

In the final phases of the game, Niigata’s players tried to create danger but the defensive coverage and positionning from B1 held well leading to the final whistle from the referee.

The strong start of the team is a nice positive note left by this friendly match. Players who needed to put game-time in their legs were able to do it.

This will help increase the physical resistance for our upcoming features. We could already see an improvement in the positioning of each player and chemistry when creating offensive actions.

Great job from every player who participated and we are already thinking about the next friendly!

First game for Simone Hofer

Two days after the comeback of our dear B1 player Simone Hofer at our Academy, Coach Didi decided to put her in the starting eleven besides David Poleboy in the defense.

It was surely a challenge for her to play in a complete new team but we have to say that she did an amazing job, we are really proud of her!