Kein Suzuki is back

Last week we were really pleased to announce that several players returned to our Academy, well yet another player has decided to come back. Welcome home, Kein Suzuki!

Despite being really far from home, Kein is really happy to be able to be a part of the B1 Soccer Academy once again for a  new season.

Last year, he was unable to join our academy because of incompatibility with his studies. For that reason Kein Suzuki is very motivated to train with B1 again:

“I’m very very happy with what B1 is offering on my soccer skills and I feel this is the environment I need to become a more complete player.”

Not only we are happy to see that Kein has been satisfied with our Academy and decided to join the program once again, but we also think that he is a technical and talented Japanese player that will be beneficial to the team.

Two seasons ago, Kein has been able to show his potential on the field and the coaches were really impressed by some of his performances.

In addition, Kein Suzuki played more than 15 friendly matches with our team and was also a protagonist in the MIC 2019 tournament being a fundamental piece in the defense of the team and leaving many quality details.

General Manager and Coach Didi Rodriguez had this to say about our newcomer: 

“Kein is extremely methodical in his style of play. We were impressed by his improvements and were able to observe a player that kept his cool in difficult situations besides having outstanding ball control and positioning on the field. We are extremely glad he could complete the squad we have this year!”

We believe that Kein’s attitude in general will only help him on the way of becoming a better player, and we are looking forward to working with him and help him achieve his dreams.