Simone Hofer training with RCD Espanyol

As you know, our beloved Simone Hofer came back to B1 Soccer Academy in April after the whole Covid-19 situation forced her to go back home to the Netherlands. She has been expressing to us how much she wanted to play football again at B1 and in Barcelona.

We were extremely happy to see her come back and train with us as she is a really talented player and because our relationship with us is really good.

She has been working hard with us during the training sessions, always giving her best and showing off her natural skills combined with a strong mentality. We were delighted to help her become a better player and see her developments week in and week out. Moreover, she has been getting playing time during the B1 Friendly games and was able to show off her skills and football knowledge.

Didi Rodriguez had this to say about the young warrior:

“We are extremely glad that she decided to come back as she is a special player with whom we really want to work.  She is definitely talented and has the passion to get where she wants in the future!”

Simone with RCD Espanyol

Recently, an amazing opportunity has shown up for Simone as Tente Sánchez has been able to arrange something special for her. Simone was able to complete a week of training with the Catalan professional club RCD Espanyol!

We are extremely proud of this news and we are delighted to see that our relationship with TenGoal Sports Agency is bound to bear fruit.

We will be looking closely at Simone’s development in the next weeks and hopefully, this opportunity turns into something really good for our young talent. We are really happy for you, continue working hard and you will get there!