New-season and a new B1 kit!

At B1 Soccer Academy, the new season means a lot of things but also brand new training kits for our beloved players. As for B1 Soccer Academy USA, we have taken the time to prepare new kits and we are having the impression that everyone is liking the design!

We are extremely happy to see most of our players come back to the training fields after the long summer break. They decided to put their trust in us for yet another year and we will give our everything in order to satisfy their wants and needs.

The players that will repeat with us this year will be:

Omari from the Bahamas, Leo from Belgium, Julian from Costa Rica, Ashaam from the Maldives, Jason, Edgar, Diego, and Justan from the USA, and finally David from Canada.

They have already started the training sessions and we can feel that they are happy to be reunited again around the ball. Nevertheless, they all seem focused on achieving their new goals for the season, and trust us it looks promising!

With this amazing news, we have some more surprises left as a couple of new players from around the globe will be joining the B1 Family as well. We will have the pleasure to present them to you in the next few weeks!

So you better stay tuned if you want to know more about it!