Welcome to B1, Marcos!

B1 Soccer Academy is thrilled to announce its newest addition. A player we all know, coming back for a B1 Stages, we introduce you to Marcos Gandara from San Francisco.

First friendly match of 2020

After two weeks of intensive training and preparation as we started off the new year, it was time for the B1 Players to apply what they had learned to a competitive setting.

B1 Players return

The B1 Players returned to Barcelona last week and resumed regular activity as the new year begins. Both players and all the coaches were already looking forward to working with the group again.

New victory for the B1 Team

A new friendly match for the B1 Players and a second consecutive victory in a row. New victory fruit of concentration, effort and teamwork. A deserved victory. 

B1 Cup Barcelona

Last Sunday the first B1 Cup Barcelona was played in Esplugues del Llobregat between B1, Sant Feliuenc FC, CF Lloreda and the local club, CFA Espluguenc.

Training on the beach

Last week the B1 Players enjoyed a different morning with our coaches “Didi” Rodriguez and Victor González in a training on the beach of La Mar Bella.